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Moonshoe, Pharmaceutical Audio

Zen in space aka Jedda Adam Ozana is a nomadic producer based out of Australia. His production discography explores lush textures & frequencies that free the mind & soothe the soul. Following two consecutively sold-out 12” releases on Moonshoe [MSH003] and Post Pluto [PPC001] (found on there respective bandcamp pages) . He’s most recent offering is full length LP Earth Tones released via Pharmaceutical audio, followed by the Reworks album featuring some of australia's finest electronic/soul musicians (PHRM006)/ (PHRM008) Zen started producing music/ collecting records around 2007, receiving massive inspiration from the Old school hiphop/beat making movement, that for him was shaped mostly around J Dilla/Madlib & there extended families. Since then, Stemming from his early years of hip hop production, he has taken a big step into various styles of electronic music, with the sonic focus on the analogue world of hardware synths, drum machines & the incorporation of live instrumentation into his music. His love for sound lies in the warmth, hands on & rawness of the production experience, This is hence felt in the imperfections that give him a style & sound of his own.