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Ricky and Ainsley's passion for the natural world, expressed through art, combined with their desire to share with community, is what has drawn them to share Earth Arts and Bushcraft with the Earth Frequency family. Their work as Nature connection mentors at Sun and Stars Bushcraft inspired the expansion of these Earth Arts workshops, as a way to facilitate connection to land and community.

Earth Arts and Bushcraft

The Earth Arts and Bushcraft space will provide a variety of natural materials, inspiring minds and hands to create and express in their own unique ways. Paint your face and body with coloured clays, mould and sculpt miniature worlds with clay and cob, weave festive masks and headpieces from vines and feathers, or explore the abundance of natural treasures provided and follow your flow. An opportunity for kids to get muddy, play, and experiment in an inspiring, supportive, creative atmosphere - all natural, zero waste, open-ended earthy fun!