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Erin is passionate about soul-centred parenting and eldership within the festival scene. She draws on her heartfelt experience as a Mama, Naturopath, Liquid Crystal practitioner, Doula and Early Childhood Educator. She has been involved in the creation of a connected parenting community and women’s circle for the past 4 years, and is informed by a deep respect for the Aware Parenting work of Aletha Solter.

Attunement - the power of presence in parenting AND Bellies & Babies

Attunement - the power of presence in parenting - An interactive talk exploring attunement and connection in parenting. Learn how the neurobiology of love can create intergenerational healing and help transform challenging behaviours in our family life. Why is it sometimes so difficult to stay present with our kids? How do we tune in and rewire our brains and hearts to come back to connection? Based on the experiences and needs of participants, together we will explore practical ways to stay in the zone of love with our children and create the connected life we all want (& that this world needs now). Bellies & Babies - A connection circle for pregnant women, parents and birth workers. Take some time out, to sit in sacred space together and ponder the mysteries of birthing in our times. Bring your questions, stories and wisdom to share. This is an inclusive space, welcoming for all families & all ways of birthing.