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GIAP Art Visions have been collaborating with artists and makers for the past 6 years, running creative events and exhibitions. From stencil art workshops, live art jams, festival decor, artist in residence's as well as developing interactive art installations, they continue to build and evolve creative spaces to inspire. Their intention is to create and support events which inspire creativity within the individual, in turn building a more creatively conscious community.

Geo String Artz Workshop

GIAP Art Visions is bringing a new and exciting workshop to the Family Realm this year. Working alongside Sunshine Coast artist Matt Armstrong we are bringing Geo String Artz to the space, a UV string art workshop. Matt will work you through the process of creating an intricate geometric design with UV string on a predesigned triangle frame. Not only will you learn the skills of string art design, you will take home an amazing piece of art that is stunning in any light! Ages 10yrs +, (max.18 participants) Please sign up for limited numbers workshops at the Family Realm gate.