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DJs and electronic music pioneers, Soundhive produce amazing music workshops for young people. Previous workshops include multi-track music mixing for the under 8s at Out of the Box, interactive collaborative electronic music and video with Jam2Jam, and DJ Club where teenagers take control of cutting edge DJ equipment, organise and play at community events. Ande Foster is a music youth worker with the Youth Plus network, running a hands-on music program for young people including composing, recording, production, deejaying, and music video making. SU Real has a long history of deejaying at events and festivals, and is also an experienced educator, working as a primary school teacher by day. Always conscious of the need for more opportunities for female artists, Su particularly encourages girls to step up and try out their hand at mixing - who knows where it might lead?

Kids' DJ Workshop and Dance Party

At the Family Realm, kids will learn the basics of DJing and then play at their own dance party! With simple step by step instructions the young DJs will build on their sense of rhythm and learn the basics of song selection, playing tracks and mixing. To make the experience more exciting, we recommend bringing up to ten of your favourite MP3 tracks on a USB flash drive. During the Dance Party, all of the workshop participants will have the opportunity to mix their tracks. We encourage friends and family, young people and everyone in the festival to come and have a dance while the new DJs play their tunes on a pumping sound system with party lights and a fun atmosphere.  8 yrs plus. Limited numbers workshop. Please sign up at the Family Realm gate.