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Megan and Peggy have been presenting popular yoga and sound healing events for a couple of years. We enjoy the unique combination of mindful movement and sound vibrations to restore and rejuvenate. The deeply enjoyable combination of yoga and sound amplify the effect of both, taking you deeper into the yoga and enjoying the subtleties of sound vibrations in a deeper way. Megan Saffigna has been teaching yoga professionally since 2014 at many studios in Brisbane and online internationally. She is known for her passion delivering live sound/yoga events at festivals and in studios. You may have also participated in Megan's fun-packed family and kids’ yoga at Earth Frequency and Earthdance festivals. Peggy Barbier is a yoga teacher and sound healing practitioner and creator of Yoga Vibrations. Peggy has an extensive collection of sound instruments including Nepalese and crystal bowls, chimes and gongs. Not only does Peggy teach yoga, she also has a busy sound healing practice.

Yoga Sound Healing

Megan and Peggy will guide you through a gentle yoga flow accompanied by sound therapy instruments that will nourish the body and soothe the mind. You will be transported by different musical instruments including a collection of Nepalese bowls and the amazing power of a large gong. This luscious combination of yoga and sound vibration creates the perfect conditions in your body to reduce stress, improve mental and emotional well-being and nurture deep cellular healing. This yoga suits every body and no previous experience is necessary. This beautiful combination of yoga and sound healing will leave you refreshed and ready for more family/festival action.