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Born and raised within an Indian culture in the pristine paradise country of Fiji, Bhavik has naturally been spiritually inquisitive. He started learning yoga from a very young age, appreciating over time the depth to his continuing journey of self-exploration. Some challenging times in life led him to deeply explore the profound scripture, the Bhagwad Geeta. This knowledge really helped turn the tables for Bhavik, enabling him to reconnect with his inner self and vitality. With beliefs challenged, faith cemented and the cosmic law of karma now being the driving forces for his way of life, Bhavik is passionate about sharing this sacred knowledge for mindful living to empower the realisation of our innate potential as human beings.

Faith, Belief Systems and the Law of Karma - Learnings from the Bhagwad Geeta

Bhavik’s journey of self-exploration has been and continues through gyana yoga (incorporating wisdom and spiritual practice in daily living), bhakti yoga (devotion to a higher cosmic consciousness), karma yoga (fulfillment of material duties of daily living) and swara yoga (science of breath). These principles of mindful living are primarily derived from the Bhagwad Geeta, a spiritual text composed approximately 5000 years ago in ancient India. Bhavik is passionate about sharing this knowledge and wisdom for the benefit of one and all, in the hope and wish that it helps others just as it has helped him. This interactive talk will explore topics including, but not limited to faith, belief systems and the law of karma, exploring the dimension of how we live in and navigate through this material world through a spiritual lens.