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Jai is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Writer, Speaker and Facilitator. His mission is to uplift humanity through the revelation of truth and wisdom. He has spent a number of years in private practice in Australia as well as studying and learning ancient healing practices throughout the world. Whilst travelling and sharing his teachings both locally and internationally, you can also find Jai sharing ancient wisdom and modern healing tools through his website, blog and youtube channel.

Chaos and Kundalini (Serpents, Psychedelics, and the search for meaning)

What is this primordial life force energy that holds the key to our awakening? Kundalini has been both revered and misunderstood for many years and throughout many ancient cultures. This lecture is a exploration of the rich symbolism that ties this mysterious force together, and the many ways in which it can present itself in both our collective and personal journeys towards self-actualisation.