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Councillor Jonathan Sri is a writer, musician and activist who was elected in March 2016 as Brisbane's first ever Greens city councillor, representing the Gabba Ward. Jonno has supported a wide range of community campaigns and grassroots projects, from urban guerrilla gardening to mass actions against indefinite detention of refugees. Jonno is passionate about social justice and sustainability, and is interested in pathways to advocacy that challenge both corporate sector corruption and the coercive violence of the colonial nation-state. In his spare time, Jonno raps with his band Rivermouth and plays sax with The Mouldy Lovers.

Anticolonial Green Anarchism - Alternative Pathways to Social Change

Jonno will be exploring divergent strands of Green political theory, unpacking some of the crucial distinctions between anarchism, socialism and 'green capitalism', and highlighting ongoing tensions with anti-racism and anti-colonial movements. Weaving in performance poetry and concrete local examples of grassroots activism, Jonno offers alternative political visions of utopia and invites us to think more deeply about what true systemic transformation might look like.