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Joshua has been working with sound as a gateway to explore consciousness for over 20 years as both an exhibiting visual artist and musician. As multi-instrumentalist passionate about global grooves & ecstatic dance culture, he has performed in collaboration on stages from Woodford to the UK, Japan & Bali. His travels in search for the holy grail of sound have led him to the eco/spiritual community Damanhur in Italy where he learned about the music of the plants that he now incorporates into his compositions and performances.

Secrets of the Plant Kingdom

Joshua has been working with Music of the Plants for 2 years. This is a device that gives the plant kingdom its own voice. The device translates the bio feedback of the plant into music. This device is a great tool to explore plant human connection. This presentation explores the following questions. Do plants have Consciousness? Do they have memory? What are the ways plants can communicate with us? What message do they have for Humanity? The presentation will also feature a live performance with "Rosella", Joshua's Rose Scented Geranium that is one of his master plants for public performance. Expect to have your mind and heart opened in wonder with this short and powerful presentation.