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Lila has been working with medicinal plants and indigenous methodologies of healing for twenty-five years. She began her journey in the Atacama Desert of Peru and later initiated as sangoma - traditional healer and seer - in the Shona tradition of South Africa, where she was born. She has spent many years engaging cultural wisdom and plants in a medicinal capacity, both academically and culturally. Her focus is on the living library held within the plant and human kingdoms, and how their collaboration activates profound capacities for new perception and creative psychological feedback. She explores the various cultural ways, rites and ceremonies that open these channels of learning. Her academic background is in Anthropology, Linguistics, Philosophy and Transpersonal Psychology, and holds a diploma in Integral Coaching. She now lives in Byron Bay, Australia.

Heralding the Lion

Every nectar needs a chalice to hold it. The greater the chalice, the more powerful the nectar it can hold. As we go through rites of passage, initiations, tending our vision, we craft the chalice of our being more and more. In this way we are capable of holding finer and finer nectar. Fine vision, wisdom, resilience. Every culture has somewhere in its lineage rites of passage and traditions that induct the individual into broader capacities. These are not only physical but energetic and allow agility to navigate between worlds. Arriving in these incredible, powerful, unnerving times without these traditional strongholds of initiation in place, how can we prepare ourselves to bring in the vision of our highest inspiration and be able to hold it? What do we have available to prepare the ground of our being to foster this reality? How do we tend the soil of our minds and hearts so it effortlessly yields amazing fruit of actualisation? What are the ways to activate the deepest wildest technology of what it is to be human, and have our being resilient enough to contain it? Each one of us is an oracle. We have the capacity to scry ourselves and the cosmos. How should we come to read the scripture of our Self? We have within us an apothecary of potential, sophisticated through timeless evolution. How do we call forward the core of our being at such a time, ripe for our full arrival?