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Lucy Legan is co-founder of Ecocentro IPEC in Brazil, the largest reference centre of sustainability in Latin America, which demonstrates scalable models of social technologies. She has played an integral role in environmental education in Brazil. A best-selling author of educational books on sustainability literacy, public speaker, and long- time ecologist, Lucy is passionate about encouraging children, educators and individuals to take environmental actions that will make a difference. Her latest book is called Planet Schooling.

How to create a permaculture living laboratory in your backyard

Just like every household is a micro economy of the larger economy, every household garden is a potential micro farm. In today's uncertain times, what better way to secure the future of our children, family and friends than by equipping them with the skills to create their own edible garden? Whether your garden is a pot on the balcony, a small backyard garden or a larger parcel of land, Lucy will demonstrate how to kickstart your backyard to create a living laboratory.