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I am a ceremonial handpoke tattooer and author who has taught meditation to brothers and sisters around the world. I show up as a pathway for nourishing healing energy and I step aside to let the forces of light and goodness infuse my offerings. I have travelled the world pursuing peak healing and pain experiences to heal trauma in myself and others. I use the ancient art of sacred tattoo to act as a vessel for transformation and clearing.

Pain As A Transformative Vessel for Healing

In this talk we get to the heart about what healing from trauma looks like when you use the suffering you experience to transform yourself and the world around you. We visit themes around sacred suffering and the power of meeting discomfort and pain with intentional resilience and acceptance. I touch on my practise as a ceremonial tattooer and author and how I have used the horror I have survived to illuminate the path ahead for myself and those walking beside me. We discuss how the only control you have is in your reaction to the events around you, and how you can transform the sadness and anxiety into purpose and meaning.