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Bhakti and the Bumblebee

Bhakti Goode also know as "Bhakti the Nectar Cow" is a deeply inspired and talented artist, DJ, musician and sound healer. Depending on his mood you can find him either shaking up the ether with phat irressistable beats or soothing the ether with sweet melodies and satisifing vibrations. Bhakti brings a next level of wow to his performances with his undeniable skills, ear for quality sound and live instruments. Bhakti has spent a life time developing his own personal style and perfecting his skills on a wide range of instruments; mirdanga, guitar, harmonium, clarinet and then specializing in harmonica and bansuri flute. His flutes he makes personally. First scouting the land for only the best pieces of wild bamboo, curing the wood him self and finally hand carving and tuning each flute by hand. These rare pieces of craftsmanship are not only used in his personal collection but are also sold all around the world! Bhaktis music style can only be described as an orgasmic explosion of juicey bass that will have booties dropping flat to the ground, mixed delicately with sweet melodies, uplifting lyrics and mantra. Be prepared to take a journey through sound moving and grooving through worldly sounds, feel good beats progressing into deep melodic tech house finished off with live Bansuri flute and harmonica. If you have not caught Mr Nectar Cow on his own before, it is likely that you would have caught him in collaboration with many top artists, including; Birrang Miil Mob, Desert dwellers, Lub Dub, Marz Rythmic Starz, Trip Syndicate, torusphere, Liquid Bloom and many more. You may have also connected with his on a differently level through his other project "Bhakti and the Bumble Bee" a yoga and soul healing collaboration with yogi Miriana Rose.