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Golden Orb

'Integer' is the brainchild of Brisbane based producer and Dj Ashley Hanson. Renowned both nationally and globally for his drum'n'bass projects under the monicker 'Operon', Hanson has helped put Australian atmospheric drum'n'bass on the map with a solid release catalogue on labels like Fokuz, Covert Operations, as well as his own label Golden Orb Records. The 'Integer' alias has arisen to enable this talented and versatile producer to push into new scenes and directions with a hypnotic blend of dub, downtempo and moody electronica influenced drum'n'bass Having released two well received EP's on his own 'Golden Orb Records' label, Integer is making a name for himself both locally and abroad, and his efforts have seen him perform at key Australian festivals including Rainbow Serpent, Earth Frequency, Island Vibe Festival, Eclipse 2012 and billed alongside artists such as Alex Patterson, Ott, Banco de Gaia, Spoonbill, Sunmonx, Kingfisha and many more.