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Bassic Records

The odyssey of two brothers-from-other-mothers melting their sonic visions into an amalgam of other-worldly techno, breaks and psychedelia, wrapped in a post-apocalyptic aura. Forming a strong musical bond over their debut duo EP ‘Head Games’ on Recovery Collective, John Baptiste & Samwise went on to make their mark with the Bassic Records best seller ‘Terraform’ a part of the famed ‘Labyrinth, Lost In Techno’ series. 2020 birthed John Baptiste & Samwise’s full length album ‘Invader’, solidifying years of their mutual growth as well as their positions in the Bassic Records family and on the forefront of Australia’s bush techno scene. A futuristic amalgamation of psytech, melodic techno and breakbeat, this innovative body of work was topped off with remixes by K.A.L.I.L, Luis M and Nineteen Sines. The release expedition landed the album and duo impressive chartings, clocking in at #1 Breaks, #1 Minimal, #3 Techno, #4 Melodic Techno, #11 Overall on Beatport and more. With nearly two decades of DJing and production experience between them, across Australia’s top tier festivals and clubs, John Baptiste & Samwise meld their expertise into a hybrid DJ/Live performance, taking to the stage in 2021.