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Bassic Records

The sounds of the Käse Kochen sobriquet are an enigmatic & satisfying blend of various sub genres of contemporary progressive dance music. A homogenous amalgam of synthetic & organic sounds; instrumental, digital and found - resulting in something truly profound. Originating in the forest dwelling doof scene of Northern New South Wales, Käse Kochen has ripened into an impressive Australian artist, gracing sought after slots including Rainbow Serpent Festival’s Market Stage, Shankra Festival’s Horizon Floor (Switzerland), Subsonic Music Festival and Elements Festival’s Main Stage. A family artist of Australia’s Bassic Records, Käse Kochen has made his mark as one of the pioneering artists of the country’s unique “bush techno” sound and furthermore, of the global progressive techno movement. Between his Käse Kochen alias and birth-name project Harrison Downes, he determinedly releases on Bassic, Digital Structures and Techgnosis Records, along the way collaborating with and remixing the likes of Maksim Dark, Jossie Telch, Luis M and scores of Australia’s most talented.