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Simon Zaicz is a mandatory component of the Australian psychedelic community. A mentor, & major part of the music, the industry & the overall movement. The roots of Simons industry history & experience runs deep, & is steeped in everything from the pioneering psychedelic revolution of the late 60's & 70's in San Francisco, on through to the Australian rock music up rise of the 80's & 90's managing a CV of some of Australia's biggest rock/pop acts of the time. His involvement in the Australian psychedelic scene has been rock solid since it's fruition. Representing the home grown frequencies of Australian psychedelic/progressive with Weapon Records (Psymon). And as "OM River" representing the deep divine down tempo sounds from Merkaba Music. Delivering a diverse, wholesome, & heart provoking sets. The Psymon/OM River performances seem to bring a kind of magic, & collective unison that only real-life, & respect have the qualifications to administer. Make no mistake about it, there will be a serious throw-down.