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So I guess all this business starts with a story.. A story of two brothers that grew up in a pretty normal way, nothing too out of the ordinary really.. no classical music training from an early age, no prodigy parents, not really even much listening to their parents music collection.. well, besides that Whispering Jack vinyl. Just two regular kids that happened to get their hands on a PlayStation fifteen years ago and started making music. Umm.. PlayStation? whaaaat? please explain. Well, a little program called music 2000 in fact. Yep, not so glamorous, sorry Instagram kids. But that little spark created a tinder, and eventually created a flame, and today, that flame burns bright. Fast forward to now and the Thankyou City brothers have successfully created their own unique blend of electronic music, probably because they didn’t want to do much else! What they’ve created is hard to put a finger on, an amalgamation of all things cool and probably much more that’s not so cool these days, but still, all carefully crafted from their home base in Melbourne, Australia. They have played festivals and parties overseas.. yeah, They have played pretty much all the biggest gigs in Australia, yeah.. But that’s not really that important for the boys, What is important? They love this shit, like really love it, and have a really fun time doing it, so much I’d bet they would still be doing this even if there was no travel, no VIP back rooms and of course we can’t forget the free booze. I must say though, they certainly have come a long way from the old PlayStation days, a national award for producers of the year at the Australian Independent Music Awards to working with artists such as Audiofly, John Charnis and Inxec, alongside many of their Hometown heroes including Jamie Stevens from the legendary Australian group Infusion, Danny Bonnicci (Nubreed/Nukreative), to the brothers across the ditch Antix/Fiord then that scallywag Steve Ward and the cosmic cowboy himself Dj Uone. Chalking up releases on labels such as D-Nox’s Sprout music, KnM Digital, Heinz Music to the iconic local brand Open Records and more recently their debut release on LA label Sol Selectas all whilst being one of Australia’s most in demand live acts. These days, the brothers are represented by Euca Music Agency for their international shows and within Australasia. Each year sees the duo performing at the best festivals and events around the region. I guess all that nagging to their parents to drive them to Blockbuster every weekend to hire that game was worth it. Thankfully though, not a lot has changed for the boys, music is still their healer, their prophet and their muse, they just hope you can experience it too. Forever grateful, The lights of Thankyou City shine bright.