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WHO IS TWITCH? Twitch is a captivating progressive psy-trance DJ with a pure love for the music, dancing and losing herself in the flow of trance. Her carefully curated soulful sets have a warm and uplifting energy, she becomes one with the vibrations as she mixes and moves with heartfelt intention. Her passionate full power and naturally cheeky energy comes through and affects others to move and feel. Heavily influenced by her own mysticism, she gravitates to organic sounds mixed with spacey frequencies and swampy throbbing bass. You can expect to hear her play progressive psy bangers, bush prog to dark prog and always with divine feminine energy! Twitch likes to take you on an electric journey from light to dark, allowing the duality of this existence to be explored playfully. Having competed in the 2019 “Your Shot” DJ competition she exploded into the scene and was quickly supporting international heavyweights such as Timelock and Grouch at the popular regular Melbourne club night Progression Sessions. Landing a place on the line up for “Return to The Source Festival” and playing local doofs, it’s been a full power few months and she showing no signs of slowing down. Twitch travels wherever the music takes her, playing interstate gigs alongside well known female talent such as Avaxa, Saintwitch, and Miss Jade, she’s quickly making a name for herself and is one to watch in 20:20! “Music gives us permission to feel, dance allows us to express it" -Twitch