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Universal Tribe Records (Australia)

ZIBELL [DARK / PROGRESSIVE / TRIBAL / PSYTRANCE / MELBOURNE / AUSTRALIA] Emerging from Melbourne’s highly regarded underground music scene comes the creative work of audio-visual artist Nikki ZIBELL. After years performing mind-bending visuals alongside some of the biggest DJ’s in the world, ZIBELL launched her debut album ‘Acid 4 Addicts’ in 2012 and quickly cemented herself as one of Melbourne’s leading female producers through her fresh spin on traditional genres. Signing with record labels JAIRA (Israel) and UNIVERSAL TRIBE (Australia) in 2013, ZIBELL also picked up residencies with several leading crews such as Melbourne’s infamous ‘Unstable Sounds’ and was soon booked to support International acts such as PERFECT STRANGER, SESTO SENTO, ANGY KORE and VIBE TRIBE just to name a few. Fusing her love of exotic world instruments, tribal rhythmic percussion and dark orchestral themes, her work explores a number of genres and tempos ranging from industrial techno, experimental dubstep to ambient psychill, but she is best known for her dark, progressive tribal psytrance which features both locally and internationally at major clubs and festivals. Labeled “The Queen of Dark” (UNIVERSAL TRIBE) and “The First lady of Stomp” (BIG:RED:BUS), ZIBELL delivers a powerful live sound that lures listeners and dancefloors on a journey like no other.