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Bassic Records

Bassic Records founder ZigMon breaks the boundaries of progressive, techno, house and electronica, generating encapsulating dancefloor dynamics with deepened drive, elated euphoria and a touch of psychedelia. Finding a balance between alluring melodies, driving basslines and grounding groove, ZigMon sees his purpose to deliver something unexpected and unique, compelling an unpredictable and emotional journey without the confines of style or genre. A vagabond of the Australian festival circuit, ZigMon’s diverse energies have compelled dancefloors at Splendour In The Grass, Rainbow Serpent, Strawberry Fields, Subsonic Music, Earth Frequency, Dragon Dreaming, Babylon, Tanglewood, Esoteric, Elements and as an official resident DJ of Rabbits Eat Lettuce and Bohemian Beatfreaks. His accomplished background in the DJ field - warming crowds for, to closing after: Boris Brejcha, Victor Ruiz, Enrico Sangiuliano, Alex Stein, at festival main stages, revered clubs and warehouse venues - has co-created the skilful developments of the ZigMon voyage and the resulting adventurous performances. As an auspicious contemporary music curator, ZigMon was invited by Yuli Fershtat AKA Perfect Stranger to compile ‘Eucalyptych’ on the famed Digital Structures imprint. On his own label ZigMon’s recent compilations include the ‘Bushfire Aid’ series fundraising for Australian bushfire relief, and ‘Labyrinth, Lost In Techno 02’, which landed fifteen total release and track chartings, including four Top 10. Connecting a thriving progressive, psychedelic and bush techno scene throughout Australia and worldwide, ZigMon delivers heartfelt efforts and innovation that glimmers through the modern music industry congestion.