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Amalgamate ~ to merge into a single entity Maya ~ magic; illusion; the power by which the universe becomes manifest Emerging from an intangible realm beyond time and space, Amalgamaya manifests on earth to dance stories of the kaleidoscopic mortal experience. Echoing the vast beauty and bizarrity of life in human form, Amalgamaya fuses mesmerising movement with captivating costumery to embody the surreal, sensual and spectacular. An inspired and awe-striking exploration of the infinitely faceted mirror ball that is the human experience. Amalgamaya is brought to life by diverse and eclectic dancers Don Cherie and Libertine, who merge forces to amplify the atmosphere and allure audiences with their unique expression and magnetic energy. Combining unique choreography and free-flowing movement, Amalgamaya is a symbiotic dance duo that blankets the audience in an artfully entwined tapestry of breathing, undulating atomic form in motion.