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Calling all back yard Olympians! The Wonkolympics is here! Do you sometimes wonder if you missed your calling? Or think, ‘there’s more to me than just being a weapon on the dance floor’? or maybe even, ‘if the coach just put me in during that under 12’s softball grand final things would have been different’? Now is your time to shine! We will be creating a space for you to show off your skills and bring out that competitive spirit so grab your doof-lete partner in crime, get yourselves a team name and claim your chance to win bragging rights and go down in Wonky History. 🍍 The Wonkolympics is a selection of world class games you don’t want to miss this year whether you are on or off the field! Sign up ahead of time via our event page, check in at 4:45pm on Saturday at Wonky Town.