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Hannah Vela's dream like art carries with it mystical symbolism, and aims to paint the divine potential of all beings. Hannah blends the metaphysical and physical realms into one; Drawing inspiration from strong moments of transformation within her own journey, depicting the vibratory ripples of energy that flow through and connect all life forms. This common thread in Hannah’s art invites the viewers to tap into their cells – to access a profound remembering of our truest nature and to create a window to peer into the great mystery of the universe. “As a self-taught artist, I want to share the visions that flow through me, inspiration that comes from moments of profound understanding. Combining the worlds I connect with in my healing and bringing it into the physical through my art. Art has been one of my greatest teachers, it becomes a bridge to the enchanted realms of spirit, planting seeds for transforming our own consciousness. I want my work to serve as little activation codes, planting seeds in the hearts of others, so they might, if the choose, bring some of that magic into their own existence for themselves. Growing up on a farm on the Mornington Peninsula, sparked from a young age, a natural fascination with nature. Feeling this disconnect we have from the natural world as a collective and very much also from ourselves.. This gap inspires her to use themes that hope to invoke a feeling of remembrance and connection to the greater whole in the viewer.