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Raised as a surfer on the beautiful beaches and lush forests in the cultural melting pot of Byron Bay Australia, Kai Wilder's paintings and murals are vivid visionary worlds infused with old myth that come from a place of deep listening and self inquiry. After high school Kai left the coast for Melbourne for a year to explore the vast world of graffiti. Shortly after returning back home he rediscovered his connection and love with Great Spirit. With wide open eyes and ears, his recent four year Earth walk-about lead him to his native lands of Japan, North America and Europe. “I realized I could open those doors of my imagination that go beyond the veil into the conscious realms of cosmic creativity. I began to write, draw and paint from a deeper place within my dreams, meditations, thoughts and experiences. My heart has been opening, I serve as a messenger. Each painting is my teacher.” His works have exploded during his recent years of travel. He reconnected deeply to his indigenous Japanese, Celtic, Native American and multidimensional roots. Kai fuses the colorful quick spontaneity from the streets with the precision and devotion of fine art to create his masterpieces. With great joy he is back in Australia having lived in California travelling and live painting and exhibiting in the West Coast Transformational Festival circuit. He is part of a new wave of emerging young artists, here to co-create the birth of our New Earth.