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Krystina Gray is a Visionary artist that has been residing on the Sunshine Coast since graduating with her BA in fine arts in 2016. Her work aims to evoke into those that view it feelings of love, connection, and of the divine feminine; rawness and harmony; all stemming from within the balance of her vividly coloured paintings. Krystina enjoys using a variety of mediums in her work, blending contrasting colours and playing with layers, incorporating her creative peers into projects, becoming Muses for her works. She finds inspiration exploring the female form and polarizing subtle shades against freeflow psychedelic patterns, flora and mythological hybrids layering over the canvas to build a portal into her inner eye. Her intention is to create work with the same passionate spark that she channels from her surroundings and hopes her peaceful portals resonate for others a sense of growth and wonder as they have healed for her. Each one holds a plethora of emotion and process, leaving her work to the intuitive mind to transmute into their own personal healing. Her style has been refined into a few categories over the years evolving from realistic portraiture and black and grey to fantasy art derived from folklore and mythology to present day, creating intentional visionary portals that coincide with her channeled ascension works which reveal their secrets to her organically.