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Kate Little brings to the circle over 20 years experience with embodiment practices, Shamanic wisdom, conscious events, and group facilitation. With a passion for awakening the divine potential within each of us for the greatest good of all. Kate has developed a special process for our Retreat Day to harness the energies of this New Moon ~ New Lunar Year (Solstice) so that we can collectively move forward empowered and aligned. Kate is the Co~Creator of The Byron Spirit Festival, a Senior Therapist at the Gaia Retreat and lover of Organic Gardening. Alexander creates events that nourish, transform and connect. A trained economist, computer programmer, vegetarian chef and acupuncturist, he is primarily motivated by guiding individuals to transform their belief systems. He weaves all his experiences and knowledge into projects that alter our ways of being and bring collective abundance and health. Alex founded, Byron Bay Community Acupuncture and Spirit Journey and Co-Created The Byron Spirit Festival and The Hamptons Yoga Fest.

Magic and Manifestation

Step into this inspiring journey to realign you with your soul’s true calling. We will share movement meditation to awaken and clear your energy centres, followed by a guided ritual journey to connect to your deepest dreaming and awaken the new vision waiting take shape, grow, come alive within you. This is opportunity for you to re~connect with yourself, your community and be witnessed in the embodiment of your souls unique purpose.