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Hailing directly from Jamaica, Amarantha has been dancing her whole life. She was a member of the two premier dance companies in Jamaica (L'Acadco and The National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica) where she trained and performed in Afro-Caribbean dance. Jamaica's Dancehall and Trinidad's soca styles are in her blood, she grew up moving to this music, dancing these styles on the streets of her hometown Kingston at street dances, stage shows and in Carnival. She's been teaching Jamaican Dancehall in Australia for over 5 years.

Caribbean Rapture

From Jamaica, Amaratha brings a mix of the main dance styles of the Caribbean: Trinidadian Soca and Jamaican Dancehall. This workshop will have you "wining your waist" and "getting on bad" with the sultry unlocking of your hips. She brings the latest dancehall moves, intertwined with afro-caribbean technique and the glitter of soca.