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Nirvana and Aurora are originally from Australia, they are two young people with a strong mission to assist humanity and bring positive change into the world. Aurora and Nirvana are co-creating innovative ideas, concepts and real action on the frontline of one of the largest indigenous Shipibo communities in the Northern Amazon basin of Peru. They met in the Amazon jungle in 2017 in a Shipibo village where Aurora was studying and living full time. Aurora and Nirvana are the driving force behind the NGO Tribal Vision. They have a strong passion for being in service to others and sharing their light medicine.

Connecting with Spirit, Ritual and Global Prayer Offering

Spirit has been calling us to share with the people how to connect deeper with the invisible world at this point in time on the Planet. How to solidify deeper alliances with the ancestors, guardians and benevolent beings of the Earth. There are so many beings in the physical and metaphysical assisting humanity at this point in time. What we have learnt from them is that they cannot do their work without us, and we cannot do it without them. The first half of this workshop we will share about how to connect with the other world and the many beings which reside there. How to connect into ritual space, to open up connection with the ancestors, spirits and guardians on the other side. We will be offering ways of giving respects and acknowledgement to them, to the land and the Earth keepers. The second half of the workshop we will enter into ceremony together, with a positive unified intention and prayer for the entire Earth and all of its inhabitants. If you feel the call come join with us to give back to our Mother Earth and her children.