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Bek Kelly is a movement artist who believes deeply in the joy and power we find in our own bodies. She has spent over ten years performing fusion bellydance and over four years teaching, having undergone teacher training and gaining a deep understanding of how to convey concepts to a variety of learning styles and manage injuries. As well as bellydance, Bek dabbles in other styles of dance such as ballet, hip hop and contemporary. This combined with her studies of psychology and somatics have lead to a style of movement that is technically proficient as well as integrated and embodied.

Fusion Bellydance workshop

Just as a larger vocabulary can help a poet express themselves through words, a wider dance vocabulary can offer us new ways through which to express themselves in movement. Fusion bellydance is renowned for its blend of sinuous movement and sharp locks and pops, making it a widely adaptable style of dance for any music genre. This open level workshop will introduce and explore fusion bellydance movements, breaking down fundamentals and offering optional layers for anyone more experienced looking for a challenge. We will finish with a fun combo so everyone can get into a flow state and have a structured section of dance to play with. Come along and find new ways of getting into your body, and leave with some movements to explore later on the dancefloor!