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Born and raised within an Indian culture in the pristine paradise country of Fiji, Bhavik has naturally been spiritually inquisitive. He started learning yoga from a very young age, appreciating over time the depth to his continuing journey of self-exploration. Bhavik’s quest for learning and growing led him to realising a science that enables powerful energisation with conscious expression. Feeling strongly connected to nature, and particularly the water element, he loves grounding himself in the beautiful Byron Bay region. Bhavik is passionate about connecting and sharing this sacred knowledge for mindful living to empower the realisation of our innate potential as human beings.

Conscious Breathing

Bhavik’s journey of self-exploration led him to realise that breathwork with intention is the single most powerful tool for mindful living. Targeted breathwork can enable us to have greater control of our breath, through which we can influence our thoughts, emotions and consciously manifest the life outcomes we desire. In this workshop, Bhavik will share a number of rhythmic breathing techniques that can be incorporated into our daily lives for specific outcomes aligned to our physical and spiritual development. Importantly, this workshop will enable reflection on the instantaneous effects of this powerful breathwork, which will leave us more energised, aware and connected as a tribe of conscious beings.