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Together, Lahni and Carmela hold a space with intention for each person to deepen their ability to connect tribally to others. Lahni has been working as a woman’s empowerment facilitator and woman’s and men’s ceremonial space holder for 7 years. Held in a workshop environment, she inspires others to access their voice, own their vulnerability and authentically relate and connect. Drawing her inspiration from 7 years of shamanic plant medicine studies in both Australia and the Peruvian Amazon, she lives in deep reverence to plants, the land and community. She enjoys experiencing the reciprocity of honest, connective, raw, vulnerable and authentic relationships, and chooses to embody these qualities to help support others in connecting to how they wish to offer themselves to the world. Carmela’s journey has been deeply seated in her desire to be in service, to find purpose in her passions. With a deep reverence for ceremony and ritual, she wishes to inspire and guide those who journey along side her to tap into the innate wisdom of their own body by humbly carrying fourth the teachings that have served her along her own journey of transformation. Carmela combines her studies in the ancient Vedic wisdom sciences - Yoga, Ayurveda and traditional Tantra, with her love and passion for embodiment, dance, women’s work and expression, which enables her an extensive and authentic offering in which she extends with a warm and compassionate heart. To help others in finding their own path of healing, connecting back to nature, connecting back to their own bodies and unveiling their true sacred nature is an honour.

Woman’s & Men’s Circle: Sound and Movement Medicine Journey - An ancient ritual of tribal connection.

“We have gathered in circles since ancient times. Our Ancestors have paved the way for us to hear our souls call. Through us gathering with the intention to express in a devotional way, we can unlock innate potential through a supportive, sacredly contained environment, remembering what we live for”. This is a space to connect in a sacred way with the earth, yourself and others. An initiation of honour and deep reverence to human connection can birth within this space, giving others the tools to create their own rituals in everyday life, speak their truth and embody authentic, integral expression. The ritual incorporates guided meditation, wisdom circle sharing and a very unique, shamanic sound and movement journey to activate our innate curiosity through connecting to traditional music and exploring authentic movement in a sacredly contained environment. Medicine woman’s and men’s circle is for all women who wish to show up, and participate at whichever capacity they are comfortable to. Their presence alone is enough. Our roles and intentions are to create a space, which allows each person to feel safe enough to be vulnerable. We will speak briefly on the importance of ritual, community, human connection, dance and movement as a spiritual practice and sacred communication.