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'Donna Zakura' has devoted her life to Dance. Performing and teaching from a child. A master in a fusion of dance techniques with embodiment and healing, Donna combines the art of Contemporary and Laban technique with Bellydance, Ritual Movement, Sufi Whirling (sama), Kathak, Bharatnatym, Flamenco, African dance, Tai chi, and Butoh and synthesises it with Therapeutic wisdom, Womb Healing and the Cosmic. Born in North Wales UK under the star Mu (μ) Draco, Arrakis, "the Dancer", a binary star and the nose or tongue of the Dragon.. Donna studied a diploma in Dance Professional Practice and then went onto Surrey University in England where she studied a BA in Dance and Culture. Presently Donna is studying Somatic Dance and Movement Therapy and is an Arts Dance facilitator for people with disabilities.

Whirling Dance - Sacred Movement Meditation

Whirling is a physical active meditation which originated among certain Sufi groups. Using ritual movement from Sufi practices this workshop will explore the art of whirling where you bring yourself into one with the universe. Workshop will explore Somatic exercise, Beginner techniques in Whirling Dance, Improvisation, musicality, self expression and Rumi Poetry.