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Ella Noah Bancroft is a custodian of the land now known as “Australia”. She is a descendent of the peoples of the Bundjalung nation and peoples of England, Scotland and Poland. Ella identifies herself as a woman and she based in the Northern NSW. Ella is a certified yoga teacher and tantra teacher and she danced in the Closing Ceremony of the Olympic games in 2000 with Yothu Yindi. Ella teaches Yin Yoga in Byron Bay and holds weekend immersions and evenings for women's sensory embodiment. Ella believes activism is embedded in the health of our body and the planet and lives her life in line with her ethics.

Ancestral Body Movement

Designed at channelling your inner ancient, this workshop looks at reconnecting with earth and self through music, chanting, physical movement (Aboriginal dance and Indigenous yoga), and partner work. The class is a cultural experience. Rediscover the connection between animals and humans through ancient Indigenous dance. Learn how to create a Dreamtime dance story. Discover how connecting with your body to the spirits of this land and honouring and acknowledging the original Culture of Australia. The workshop includes practices of Dadirri, (deep listening meditation used for a year by Indigenous people), yoga, Indigenous Dance and understanding aboriginal archetypes through embodiment and partner work.