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Party with purpose! Together we will ground ourselves into the festival space through a series of open conversations around party culture. We will discuss what to do about any risk situations we might get into, peer pressure and how to look after ourselves and our mates when it comes to substance use. We will discuss how to consume alcohol more consciously and enhance our experiences! Taking a conscious approach partying ensures we can achieve our partying potential! Come to our workshop to learn more about how to get the most out of partying, being safe and how to be the best wingman and party lord at the doof! This workshop is run by seasoned party throwers and down to earth humans how love sharing about party experiences so that you can have the best time possible!

Party with Purpose

Partying can be transformational if it is done with self-awareness and intention. Spending time out in nature around powerful humans talking about the world, life purpose and understanding ourselves more is at the core of festivals. Therefore being mindful about our choices at a festival can give us the power and direction we need to gain the most out of our time in the festival realm. The sense of expression and understanding of self is something people gain during the weekend and then crave to hold onto post festivals, however if we understand the lessons we are learning through our time at the event - we can then integrate them back into our everyday lives and start to create a stronger value system. This workshop involves a dropping in, one on one learning via experiences, open conversation about substance choice and an interactive exercise of empowerment to help set up a game plan for yourself in case you need some inner power to relax your mind over a busy weekend at the doof.