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Kirilly is a Barkindji woman raised on Darug Country. She danced her way into her adulthood studying ballet & contemporary dance for 15 years, and is a dedicated student of somatic movement through Body Mind Centering. Her love of embodiment carries through to her work as a full spectrum doula, and she is the founder of Indigenous Doulas. Kirilly is also a certified yoga teacher and teaches regular dance classes in Byron Bay.

Sensory Dance

The practice of Sensory Dance is informed by the teachings of Body-Mind Centering of which Kirilly is a forever student.⠀ “Slowing down is essential to heightening our senses and reacquainting ourselves with the subtleties of feeling. Through deepening our intimacy with our sensing body, we reorient ourselves towards the natural world and our more than human kin. In this practice, as layers of sensations reveal themselves, we are moved by our intuitive sensing bodies with the mind the last to follow. In ‘civilisation’ we’re trained as domesticated animals, having learned to dissociate from our depths, as well as disconnect from the depths of the living Country we are of. Reconnection to the aliveness of our body through movement is the antithesis of this disconnect from belonging to self and land. One doorway to the embodiment of our instinctual, intuitive and felt aliveness is through returning to the senses. It brings us closer to our inner knowing. It deepens our intimacy with ourselves and expands our perception. This practice is suitable for all bodies and levels of experience."