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Miriam is, first and foremost, a humble student of Nature.   Beyond this, she is a clinical western herbalist with a deep reverence for traditional modes of perception, and how these can weave their way into the practice of medicine in the 21st century She is currently completing an apprenticeship (or more accurately, an initiation) under Dr Jimi Wollumbin, experimenting with the ways in which medicine and art, philosophy and science, and the mythic and logic marry and merge to birth an integrated practice of herbal medicine that is rooted in the tradition, lore and story of the ancient west Her work is also underpinned by the absolute belief that personal health cannot exist without collective health - that well-being is at once personal, and transpersonal. Using deep ecology principles to connect the micro and the macro – Miriam identifies patterns and relationships between the ‘out there’ and the ‘in here’ for an approach to health that utilises the primacy of our individual experience as a portal into understanding the macrocosm and the way it speaks through our bodies. Outside of the clinic, she runs a community herbal platform called the Open Heart Apothecary – a vehicle through which people can connect to each other, their roots and Nature through herbal education Miriam sees the practice of herbal medicine as the sacred synthesis of applying the knowledge we have learnt cognitively, whilst remaining open to the somatic wisdom of the dark unknown.  She owes much of her inspiration to other-than-human intelligences - to mountain, stone and moon who have struck awe into her heart and allowed her a glimpse through the veil, if only for a moment.

Ensouling the World with Plants

“There are Gods in all things” said Thales, a philosopher of the ancient west. Yet somehow, modern western culture has lost its sense of soul. We have rendered the world around us inanimate, and have therefore lost our place within it. What mode of perception must we adopt in order to inhabit a world that is alive, intelligent, and teeming with soul? This workshop will introduce you to ways you can begin to cultivate this mode of perception in the every day. Using herbal medicine as an entry point, we will learn how to recognise the Gods in all things. Practical interactions with plants will be woven in with wisdom drawn from the traditional medicine of the ancient west. In this way, we re-enchant the world around us, and relocate soul in the mundane. A medicine that is desperately needed, both personally and culturally.