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Teddi shows free spirited women struggling with self doubt, fears of what others think, constant comparison, that are missing out on epic opportunities and fun experiences in their lives, how to feel beautiful in bodies NOW, shine bright from the inside out & confidently expressing themselves in the world so that they can make their dreams happen. She supports this transformation using a range of modalities combining ancient practices using the meridians, energy lines, combined with modern psychology in Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping as its commonly called.

Body Confidence

In this workshop you will discover whats really stopping you from LOVING and feeling CONFIDENT in your body... and its not what you think! Then Teddi will teach you a powerful technique to shift this... so that you can feel bangin in your body and let loose all weekend! Drop it like its hot and shake what your mumma gave you. This is transformational + healing workshop using EFT / Tapping.