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WHAIA Sonic Weaver Aotearoa NZ Mother, sage, creator of sacred regalia, teacher of ancient rites and rituals, lover, sister, wisdom carrier, whaledreamer, inspirational full hearted manawahine. Born in Hawkes Bay, North Island New Zealand, a Ngati Kahungunu woman, Whaia was raised in the outback desert on Yindjibarndi country in the Pilbara, far North Western Australia. The arid harsh beauty of the land and her Aboriginal grandmother shaping her story from the age of 6. Conceiving the term ‘Sonic Weaver’ has been a journey of embodied practiced sacred sonics and integration of her love of traditional weaving. For over the past decade Whaia has been merging them together like the sun and moon, drawing from her sacred pilgrimage this intimate love affair. She walks with a collection of Taonga Puoro/Traditional First Nations instruments, a family of Crystal Singing Bowls and divine vocals, bringing forth her unique delivery of ‘Sacred Sonic Sessions’. Whaia nurtures you through her meditative sound journeys, creating an atmosphere that is sure to put a lasting resonance in your cells. Singing in her mother tongue, the language of TE RA/The Sun, she celebrates her culture and connection to source. A carrier of the higher dimensional frequencies, she’s a true warrior woman with a soft yet powerful delivery, entwining ones heart, body and spirit.


Nau Mai Haere Mai whanau, WELCOME, Welcome my EFF family !! Come revive your vibe and ride the crystalline frequencies with WHAIA, Sonic Weaver, of AOTEAROA - New Zealand. A Ngati Kahungunu woman with ochre etched into her skin, she embodies both the ANCIENT SOUNDS of the EARTH and the CELESTIAL DIMENSION within her delivery. WHAIA walks with TRADITIONAL FIRST NATIONS INSTRUMENTS, an array of CRYSTAL SINGING BOWLS and HAUNTING VOCALS that will no doubt rumble your inner jungle. Through her transformative sonic shower, WHAIA will help you take stock of your internal inventory, shaking up your very atoms, assisting you to activate the power and potential we all carry, inviting you to balance your own equilibrium, to shed or let go of the residue no longer serving your human potency. Sharing her culture and connection to source, she brings the ancient stories of the cosmos to life. Come Cleanse, Come Rest & Reset Your Mental, Physical & Spiritual Body. Take time out to replenish your nervous system and tune up your antennae to be beaming at full force your natural life force !